Marge (Mom), Bart & Lisa SOON FOR ADOPTION!

Mom and 2 three day old pups rescued from MDAS. Pups are fat and healthy minus a small cut on Lisa’s tummy from moms nail. Pups will be available in around 2 months. Listed as American Bulldogs with MDAS.

Marge (Mom), Bart & Lisa SOON FOR ADOPTION!

  • Lisa playing Tug of War with Sayge

  • Bath time is not fun!

  • Not sure how this is comfy lol 😍

  • 😍

  • We are sad to say Lisa is having to go back into surgery tonight. The location of the drain had hard fibrous tissue under it which we have been treating for the past 5 days under vets orders. It has not gone down and the mass is attached to muscle tissue and is being removed as I type this. Prayers for Lisa and any donations to help with her mounting vet bill would be appreciated. She is depleting the rescue of remaining funds fast. We have to pay as she is treated so our credit card is taking hard hits recently 🙁

  • Milk Drunk

  • Amazing what TLC and good food will do! Marge loves to eat and the pups are going to have to be spay/neutered by our private vet once old enough bc of hernias (over $100 each) so donations are welcome. 😍 the Shop now button will take you to our donation link. We are a 501C3 so all donations are tax deductible. Thank you!!

  • Marge is really interested in Subway lol

  • Ohhhh teeth and puppy breath!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Marge thinks she is a lap dog. She LOVES her foster sister and hugs and kisses her 24/7.

  • What a difference some TLC and good food will do!!!! Look how beautiful her coat looks and how well she has filled out!! She is just the sweetest girl too!!!

  • Marge loves snuggles, bananas and carrots

  • Bart 😍

  • Family check up at the vet went well. Marge was doing a bit too much cleaning on Lisa so she got a bit of an infection. (Lesser of the two evils to make sure she was fed and warm) She is on meds and doing well. They are both foodies and gaining weight well. Eyes are almost all the way open.

  • Bart 😍😍😍

  • Lisa has an eye open which means they are closer to 15 days old! 🎉🎉

  • Look how skinny 🙁 poor baby. She is getting a lot of TLC and snacks 😍😍

  • Mid pic licking her lips after a tasty treat. She was coming to give me snuggles. She is such a good mommy and a very sweet girl.

  • Night night sleep tight

  • I think she is comfortable lol

  • I am not exactly sure why this is comfortable. We had put him in the bed with his mommy but he likes to adventure lol

  • Getting help with her babies.

  • Snuggled in for the night.

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