Wolverine ADOPTED! (RIP Beast)

6 week old Lab/Rott (we believe). Were going to be put down at MDAS for severe anemia on Fathers Day. MDAS Vet said they needed blood transfusions and we’re going to die because they were so bad… After assessment (we have dealt with much worse cases of anemia) and liquid iron and a good meal of mommy milk from our foster mommy Athena they are now thriving and getting stronger everyday. Our foster mommy Athena has taken them as her own and they are loving life with 4 foster sisters.

Wolverine ADOPTED! Beast RIP 7/1/16

  • Getting big and strong (Wolverine)

  • Intake photo at MDAS Beast

  • Intake photo at MDAS Wolverine

  • Freedom ride

  • Watching TV

  • RiP sweet boy. You fought hard but that was a tough surgery for someone your size. Anemic, only 2 lbs and then an intestinal surgery. It was too much. He knew he was loved in his final moments and had plenty of hugs and kisses. 😢🙏🏻

  • First night hone

  • First meal before meeting Athena

  • After 3 days of TLC ❤️

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